Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Eco Bot 75 uses its 23 sensors, 2 cameras and 3D LiDar to accurately map and clean up to 3,000 m²/h.

Water is recycled through a 4-stage filtration system to give constant operation during the 6-hour run time – a 70% water saving!

The machine is equipped with top-notch robotic features such as dynamic path planning, real-time obstacle avoidance, and auto-resume after interruption.

The front brushes can rotate 270° and edge to edge cleaning is provided as the Eco Bot 75 cleans as close as 4 cm away from corners and edges.


It is extremely quick and easy to map the areas to be cleaned – simply drive the Eco Bot 75 manually around the area and a visual and editable map will be automatically generated.

The interface is simple and easy to use, with multi-level accesses for both onsite operative and operations managers.

This machine can be used for both manual and autonomous operation.


The equipment is managed via a cloud based platform where reporting dashboards and productivity of the machines are available, as well as remote control and online scheduling capabilities.

Detailed cleaning reports and working alerts can be sent to via email or SMS.

Technical Information

Battery Li-ion
Charge time 5 hours
Cleaning efficiency Up to 3,000 m²/h
Cleaning width 75 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 137 x 96.2 x 141.7 cm
Dirty water capacity 50 ltr
Max gradient 10 °
Noise level 55 - 70 dBA
Power 2,000 W
Run time Up to 6 hours
Speed 0-4 km/h
Voltage 24 V

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