The Eco Bot 50 Combi is an automated scrubber dryer that has been specially designed to sweep and scrub surfaces simultaneously. Instead of having two disc brushes this machine has one central cylindrical brush.

The Eco Bot 50 can be used with both the docking and service stations to charge, drain and refill water tanks itself, meaning 24-hour operation with minimal human interaction.


• Sweeps & scrubs all surfaces simultaneously.
• 100% map coverage guaranteed by real-time dynamic path planning.
• Minimal human intervention – Auto-charge, Auto-Drain & Auto-Refill.
• Updates cleaning status in real-time for complete MI data.
• Carry out multi-floor tasks with lift-integration (optional).

Technical Information

Battery Li-ion
Cleaning efficiency 1,500 m²/h
Cleaning width 72 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 86 x 70 x 103 cm
Dirty water capacity 18 ltr
Max gradient 8 °
Noise level 67-75 dBA
Power 1,000 W
Run time 3 hours
Speed 0-3.6 km/h
Voltage 24 V

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