The Phantas is a small machine with a 30 cm cleaning width that literally cleans right up to edges and corners, guaranteeing complete cleanliness. It is highly efficient and can clean effectively in tight spaces, narrow aisles and even under tables!

The on-board technology is now so advanced that the machine can even map itself without any human interaction – a huge step forward enabling quick and easy mapping of any cleaning area.

In a dynamic environment, Phantas will locate itself and update the current map in real time. The multi-sensor fusion allows Phantas to see the environment in 3D. This technology gives Phantas enhanced knowledge of its surroundings.

Phantas detects both static and moving obstacles from all directions and can reposition itself to avoid these in real time, generating collision-free paths.
Phantas has robust obstacle recognition capabilities and makes behaviour decisions according to the type of obstacles eg. it will bypass electric wires rather than passing over them.

Technical Information

Charge time 2 hours
Cleaning efficiency 400-700 m²/h
Dust bag 8 ltr
Edge cleaning capability mm
Gradeability 8 °
Height 62 cm
Length 54 cm
Max cleaning speed 1 m/s
Min height of detected obstacles 1 cm
Min passable height 65 cm
Min passable width 52 cm
Min turn around width 62 cm
Net weight 46 kg
Run time Scrubbing 5h, Vacuuming 5h, Sweeping 18h, Mopping 10h
Scrubbing width 33 cm
Sound < 65 dB
Standard LiDARs, 3D Depth Cameras, RGB Camera, Anti-drop Sensor, Anti-collision sensor
Trash can 1 ltr
Vacuuming/Sweeping width 41 cm
Water tank capacity > 1,000 m²
Width 44 cm


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