The Eco Sweep 111 is a autonomous heavy duty sweeper, ideal for both internal and external environments. The advanced software algorithm allows the machine to automatically return to the docking station when the battery is low or the hopper is full to self-empty or re-charge, allowing for operator free cleaning.

Minimal human intervention

Eco Sweep 111 cleans on schedule, requiring no human intervention in its cleaning operations.

Cloud-based Fleet management system

Operators can monitor the Eco Sweep 111 performance & access cleaning reports through a user-friendly & interactive Fleet Management System.

Technical Information

Average run time Up to 4 hours
Battery LiFePO4
Cleaning efficiency 5,000 m²/h
Cleaning width 120 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 148 x 89 x 129 cm
Driving motor power 800 W
Hepa filtration class H
Max gradient 11 °
Max speed 5 km/h
Primary bin capacity 60 ltr
Rated power 2,500 W
Rated side brush power 100 W
Rated tandem roller brush power 500 W
Rated vacuum motor power 115 W
Rated voltage 24 V
Side brush rotating speed 110 RPM
Tandem roller brush rotational speed 600 RPM
Unladen weight 400 kg


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