The Eco Sweep 111 redefines excellence in autonomous cleaning solutions, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and innovation in the industry. Designed to cater to both indoor and outdoor environments with unparalleled efficiency. This heavy-duty sweeper is not just a machine; it’s a smart solution engineered to deliver a pristine clean without the need for constant human oversight. Its advanced software algorithm is a game-changer, enabling the Eco Sweep 111 to independently detect when it needs to return to its docking station, either for recharging or to empty its hopper. This self-sufficient approach ensures that cleaning operations are uninterrupted and consistently thorough, making it an ideal choice for spaces that demand high standards of cleanliness around the clock.

Robot Sweeper requires minimal human intervention

The Eco Sweep 111 revolutionises the way we think about cleaning. By operating on a pre-set schedule, it eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing staff to focus on other tasks while the robot sweeper does what it does best. This level of automation in cleaning tasks is akin to having a diligent, tireless worker on your team, one that ensures floors and carpets are impeccably maintained without the need for constant human supervision. The result is a consistently cleaned floor, reflecting an environment that is not only hygienic but also welcoming and professional.

Cloud-based Fleet management system

The inclusion of a user-friendly and interactive Fleet Management System elevates the Eco Sweep 111 from a mere cleaning machine to a top pick for businesses looking to streamline their cleaning operations. This cloud-based system allows operators to monitor the sweeper’s performance in real-time, access detailed cleaning reports, and make informed decisions based on accurate data. This level of oversight and control ensures that every square meter cleaned by the Eco Sweep 111 contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning strategy.

Unmatched Cleaning Performance

The Eco Sweep 111 is not just about smart software; it’s also built on a foundation of technical superiority. With an average run time of up to 4 hours and a cleaning efficiency of 5,000 m²/h, it is designed to cover extensive areas without frequent interruptions. Its robust LiFePO4 battery ensures long-lasting performance, while the 120 cm cleaning width allows for quick and thorough cleaning of large spaces. The machine’s ability to navigate up to an 11° gradient and its top speed of 5 km/h mean that no area is beyond reach, whether it’s a steep ramp or a sprawling warehouse floor.

Moreover, the Eco Sweep 111’s commitment to health and safety is evident in its Hepa filtration class H, ensuring that even the finest particles are captured during the cleaning process. This feature, combined with a substantial 60-liter primary bin capacity and powerful driving motor, sets a new standard for heavy-duty sweepers. The precision of the side brush and tandem roller brush, powered at 100 W and 500 W respectively, ensures that every corner and crevice is attended to, leaving behind a clean that goes beyond surface level.

The Future of Cleaning is Here

The Eco Sweep 111 embodies the future of cleaning, offering a blend of autonomy, efficiency, and technical prowess that makes it an indispensable asset for any operation. Its ability to clean specific areas with minimal human intervention, supported by a sophisticated fleet management system, positions it as a top pick for businesses aiming to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness. Whether it’s navigating the challenges of cleaning floors and carpets or ensuring that charging stations are efficiently utilised, the Eco Sweep 111 robot sweeper is more than just a robot vacuum cleaner. A comprehensive cleaning solution designed for the demands of modern spaces.

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Technical Information

Average run time Up to 4 hours
Battery LiFePO4
Cleaning efficiency 5,000 m²/h
Cleaning width 120 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 148 x 89 x 129 cm
Driving motor power 800 W
Hepa filtration class H
Max gradient 11 °
Max speed 5 km/h
Primary bin capacity 60 ltr
Rated power 2,500 W
Rated side brush power 100 W
Rated tandem roller brush power 500 W
Rated vacuum motor power 115 W
Rated voltage 24 V
Side brush rotating speed 110 RPM
Tandem roller brush rotational speed 600 RPM
Unladen weight 400 kg

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