The IRIS is a charging station that holds 8 Mini Bots for easy transportation and distribution. The IRIS is a fully lockable and secure unit.

All the functions on the ICE Mini Bot are selected from a remote control: the switching ON and OFF times are programmed, and different paths and types of cleaning can be done with a simple click.

The side brushes collect dust and debris by conveying them to the centre where the roller collects in the dust bin. Above the dust bin there are 3 filters including a HEPA filter.

When the ICE Mini Bot has a low battery, it automatically turns off the suction motor and the roller/ brush motor and returns to the charging station. Once fully charged, it starts working for another 120 minutes.

Technical Information

Climbing height 2 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 32.5 x 8 cm
Dust bin capacity 1 ltr
Noise level 54 dBA
Power 28 W
Run time 120 mins
Water tank capacity ltr
Weight 3 kg

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