The Mini Bot II is a robotic vacuum with an auto-empty and charge docking station. This unit vacuums for up to 260 minutes on a single charge. It automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery gets low. Once charged, it gets back to cleaning right where it left off

Quick Mapping creates a map of your site in minutes, so you can immediately begin customizing your cleans – label rooms, clean specific areas, set up boundaries, and more. With new 3D maps, simply tap a piece of furniture on the map to clean around it!

The Mini Bot II automatically self-empties its dustbin after cleaning. It also comes with a hypoallergenic dust bag that auto-seals, ensuring no dust particles escape into the air.


HIGH-EFFICIENCY FILTER – 3 layer dust filtration filters 99% of minute particle matter, and effectively filters particles as small as 6 microns.

STRONG MOBILITY PERFORMANCE – The Mini Bot II can easily cross obstacles like doorsills up to 2 cm.

DISPOSABLE DUST BAG – The large volume of 2.5L can hold the dust and hair up to 30 days.

REVOLUTIONARY PRESSURE MAINTAINING SYSTEM – the revolutionary pressure maintaining system optimises the Mini Bot II’s efficiency and provides high suction while remaining strikingly quiet during operation.

Technical Information

Capacity 1 ltr
Dimensions (LxWxH) 44.8 x 43 x 57.8 cm
Run time 170 mins

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