A leading choice among industrial floor cleaning machines, designed for comprehensive cleaning in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Boost your cleaning efficiency with the ICE R Sweep 60 B, a versatile ride-on floor sweeper engineered for tackling both large surfaces and tight spaces. Equipped with a central brush that provides a working width of 60 cm, and the option to expand to 100 cm with two side brushes, this ride-on sweeper is a key player in the field of industrial floor sweepers, ensuring thorough cleaning results on carpeted floors as well as hard surfaces.

The ICE R Sweep 60 B goes beyond traditional industrial cleaning equipment; it’s a symbol of what modern ride-on sweepers can accomplish. Designed with a focus on capturing dust particles effectively while offering a comfortable driving position, it’s perfectly suited for extensive cleaning tasks in diverse environments such as warehouses, car parks, and across industrial floors.


The ICE R Sweep 60 B’s adaptability, available in both battery and hybrid models, makes it an ideal solution for any cleaning needs. Its powerful vacuum system is designed to capture even the finest dust particles, leaving floors spotless. Whether navigating the wide spaces of warehouses or the confined areas of car parks, this ride-on floor sweeper’s efficient brushes and easy maintenance features guarantee a superior clean with minimal downtime.


The ICE R Sweep 60 B leads our extensive range of floor sweepers, highlighting the best in industrial sweepers. Choosing this ride-on floor cleaning machine means investing in a cleaner, safer environment. Its array of features, from efficient brush systems to a comfortable driving position, ensures that your cleaning operations are both effective and enjoyable.

Explore our comprehensive collection of sweepers to find the perfect match for your specific cleaning needs. Elevate your cleaning operations with the ICE R Sweep 60 B and experience a new level of cleanliness and efficiency.


Technical Information

Battery motor 24 V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 145.5 x 103 x 85 cm
Hopper capacity 65 ltr
Noise level 61 dBA
Productivity 4,500 m²/h
Run time Unlimited
Weight 175 kg
Working width 60 cm

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