Enhance your cleaning capabilities with the ICE R Sweep 60 B, a versatile ride on sweeper suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a working width of 60 cm when using the central brush, and 100 cm with 2 side brushes (optional).

It is comfortable, easy to manoeuvre and guarantees excellent cleaning results even on carpet floors.

Whether you’re dealing with carpeted floors or hard surfaces, this ride on sweeper’s adaptability, available in battery or hybrid models, ensures thorough cleaning results. Dive into the specifics of the ICE R Sweep 60 B and discover how it can revolutionise your cleaning routine.

Explore our comprehensive sweepers collection to find the perfect match for your cleaning needs and elevate your cleaning operations to new heights.

Technical Information

Battery motor 24 V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 145.5 x 103 x 85 cm
Hopper capacity 65 ltr
Noise level 61 dBA
Productivity 4,500 m²/h
Run time Unlimited
Weight 175 kg
Working width 60 cm

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