The ICE Sweep 50 B sweeping machine represents an advancement in the field of cleaning technology. Offering a compact yet highly efficient solution for keeping both indoor and outdoor spaces pristine. This pedestrian sweeping machine, with its 65 cm working width, is designed to deliver unparalleled cleaning performance, making it an essential tool for a wide range of environments.

Compact Design, Powerful Performance

The ICE Sweep 50 B is ingeniously designed to combine the convenience of a compact frame with the robustness required for effective sweeping. Its size makes it perfect for navigating through narrow spaces while ensuring that every corner and along walls are thoroughly cleaned, thanks to its large side brush. This feature is particularly beneficial for cleaning operations in areas where space is limited but cleanliness standards are high.

User-Friendly Sweeping Machine

A standout aspect of the ICE Sweep 50 B is its focus on operator comfort and efficiency. The machine is equipped with a handle bar made from a comfortable material, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort. This ergonomic design ensures that operators can perform their cleaning tasks with ease, enhancing productivity and reducing the physical strain associated with long cleaning sessions.

Versatile Cleaning Solutions

Whether it’s sweeping dust off warehouse floors or clearing debris from outdoor areas, the ICE Sweep 50 B is up to the task. Its versatility is further enhanced by the availability of both battery and petrol models, allowing users to select the power source that best suits their specific cleaning needs. This flexibility ensures that the machine can perform optimally in various settings, from industrial sites to public spaces.

The technical specifications underscore the ICE Sweep 50 B’s ability to offer high productivity rates, making it an efficient choice for cleaning large areas. The significant hopper capacity minimizes downtime by reducing the need for frequent debris disposal, while the extended run time ensures

A Sweeper for Every Scenario

The ICE Sweep 50 B is part of the innovative ICE R Sweep series, encompassing a variety of sweeping machines designed to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks. This series offers everything from manual sweepers for smaller areas to ride-on sweepers for extensive spaces, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every cleaning requirement. With features like wide sweeping paths, battery-powered efficiency, and durable brushes, the ICE Sweep 50 B and its counterparts are well-equipped to handle all types of dirt and debris, making them suitable for a diverse range of surfaces and conditions.

Technical Information

Battery motor 600 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 143 x 100 x 66 cm
Hopper capacity 40 ltr
Noise level 74 dBA
Productivity 2,275 m²/h
Run time 2 hours
Weight 67 kg
Working width 65 cm

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