The ICE R Sweep 70 is a powerful industrial floor sweeper designed for efficient cleaning of commercial and industrial spaces up to 10,000 square meters. Available in both battery and petrol motor options, this ride-on sweeper offers automatic traction and a generous 70 cm working width. Its focus on operator comfort translates to longer cleaning shifts and exceptional productivity. Simple-to-use controls and comprehensive training videos ensure your team quickly masters the ICE R Sweep 70 for maximum cleaning potential. Both indoor and outdoor areas benefit from this machine’s dust-reducing capabilities, promoting a healthier environment, while its thorough cleaning power keeps floors debris-free and looking their best.


The ICE R Sweep 70 isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about streamlining your operations. The ride-on design minimises operator fatigue, translating to longer shifts and higher square footage cleaned per day. This directly boosts your bottom line through increased productivity.


This versatile industrial floor sweeper tackles a wide array of environments:

  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres: Maintain pristine floors in high-traffic areas
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Remove debris and dust for improved product quality and workplace safety
  • Outdoor Areas: Parking lots, walkways, and loading docks stay clean and inviting.


The ICE R Sweep 70’s intuitive controls and comfortable operation make it accessible to all skill levels. Our comprehensive training videos ensure your team quickly masters the machine, guaranteeing maximum cleaning efficiency from day one.


The powerful dust-reduction system of the ICE R Sweep 70 promotes a cleaner, safer environment for employees and customers alike. Minimize the risk of respiratory issues and create a more hygienic workspace for everyone.

Ready to experience the efficiency of the ICE R Sweep 70 industrial floor sweeper? Explore our full range of sweepers to find the perfect fit for your cleaning needs. Our selection and expertise ensure you’ll find the ideal solution to maintain pristine floors and a healthier workspace.

Technical Information

Battery motor 24 V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 160 x 131 x 94 cm
Hopper capacity 90 ltr
Noise level 74 dBA
Productivity 6,300 m²/h
Run time 4 hours
Weight 238 kg
Working width 85 cm

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