The ICE R Sweep 70 is a sweeping machine suitable for commercial and industrial cleaning of surfaces up to 10,000 square metres. It is a ride on sweeper with automatic traction and is powered by either battery or petrol motor. It has a 70 cm working width when using the central brush. Because the ICE R Sweep 70 P us a ride on cleaning machine, the operator is able to stay comfortable for longer periods of time. This allows the operator to complete more work in one day, encouraging a higher level of productivity. The ICE R Sweep 70 P is an easy to use machine, designed to enhance the cleaning process for the operator. We also provide training videos to help your workforce make the most from this commercial and industrial sweeper. The ICE R Sweep 70 P are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor areas as they reduce airborne dust, which can be detrimental to the health of staff members and the general public. A sweeping machine will keep floors looking cleaner for longer, removing debris, grime, and surface dust.

Technical Information

Battery motor 24 V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 160 x 131 x 94 cm
Hopper capacity 90 ltr
Noise level 74 dBA
Productivity 6,300 m²/h
Run time 4 hours
Weight 238 kg
Working width 85 cm

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