Amsterdam Innovation Award Winners!

The Eco Bot 50 won Smart Technologies & Digitalisation Amsterdam Innovation Award at Interclean this week. We are proud to have won this award at Interclean, a reflection of our ongoing commitment to innovative technology. This award was given to us under the Smart Technologies & Digitalisation category, an area that focuses on new smart designs that have entered the industry.

Our Co-Botics range has become increasingly popular amongst our customers since it launched two years ago. Automated cleaning is slowly taking over the industry, providing businesses with a fast and efficient way of sanitising a space. Designed to work with your employees, our Co-Botics range will enhance the output and performance of your workforce considerably. Purchase our equipment online.

Judged over four areas of impact, practicality, sustainability and profitability, we are proud that the Eco Bot 50 excelled in all these areas. The ideal addition to any business, this industrial machine is able to cover large areas quickly, sanitising surfaces as it goes. Simple to recharge, this machine boasts an incredibly long running time too, meaning your cleaning routine will go uninterrupted.

digital cleaning machine


For many years, the Amsterdam Innovation Awards have been a way of showcasing the most innovative products or services in the industry. The international expert jury originally selected twelve nominees, and each of the category winners were then announced. We were part of the Smart Technologies & Digitalisation category, which focused on digital machines, something we do best!

It is great that our industrial cleaning equipment is being recognised internationally, and we are now part of a larger movement towards digital and smart technology in the workplace. Our remote monitoring and management systems make the user experience even better too, as we put the operator in full control of the machine. Not only this, but our Co-Botics will provide data reports on their performance.

Eco Bot 50

With a fresh water capacity of 24 litres, the Eco Bot 50 is both sustainable and efficient. Providing powerful results every time, this innovative piece of equipment can cover large surface areas with ease, allowing it to have a long running time. Environmentally friendly in its design, the Eco Bot 50 recycles dirty water whilst on the move, thanks to its clever 4 stage filtration system.

The Eco Bot 50 will provide the operator with an impressive run time of two and a half hours. This allows the machine to clean uninterrupted without needing it to be charged constantly. Not only this, but the 3D mapping feature means it is able to avoid hazards and obstacles, preventing the possibility of any collisions. All the machines we supply are simple to manoeuvre.

Award Winners

As an established business, we are proud to have received many awards and accreditations throughout our time in the industry. We are constantly evolving too, investigating new sustainable ways to enhance your cleaning regime with the help of our innovative machines. As a result, we have become the UK’s largest independent supplier of industrial cleaning machines and continue to grow.

Whatever you require, we are guaranteed to have a cleaning machine to suit your needs. From smaller handheld machines to larger ride on equipment, our products are able to tackle a variety of situations with ease. Used in a variety of establishments including airports, schools and hospitals , our machines promise to deliver a powerful clean to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Eco Bot 50 Prices

Looking to enhance your cleaning routine with an Eco Bot 50? All our machines are available for purchase or hire online, depending on the needs of your company.

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