Part of the ICE Southampton UK Group, CEI launched in January as a new national entity to the Irish market. Already servicing many key clients in both industrial, manufacturing and retail sectors, CEI will continue to build its network of customers within the Irish market on a local, regional and national basis with a direct to market strategy for both sales and service.


CEI will provide the entire ICE business offering within Ireland, including their extensive range of products. This includes the V-Line (Value) range, the extensive Core equipment line, and the M-Tech (Premium) technology-based machines, which deliver unrivalled levels of advantages to both the operator and end client. All M-Tech equipment includes ICE’s Fleet Management System, which is now fitted to over 1,500 cleaning assets within various sectors of the cleaning market. This is delivering real time fleet management information and data including uptime, water usage and many other statistics.


Accompanying the CEI business will be the service-based technology that ICE has spent years developing and evolving to deliver unsurpassed levels of cost effective cleaning equipment service across the UK and Ireland. From unique planning and scheduling, to optimising vehicle stock and parts replenishment, ICE’s 50 year tenure in generic and national cleaning equipment service is underpinned by the very latest and industry leading systems and technological processes.


In March 2020, CEI will unveil its Co-Botics division, our very own autonomous cleaning equipment range, supported by a dedicated and experienced team. This highly innovative and exciting opportunity has been created to cohesively support the introduction of autonomous machines to collaborate with operators on day to day tasks that could be delivered via a Co-Bot. This wide choice of solutions range from a small vacuum to a self-driving autonomous street sweeper, and delivers the industry’s first “full line” in this area.


The state of the art technology allows operators full control and mapping functionality making them very intuitive and easy to operate and control. Plus, the cloud based reporting system ensures that a suite of fleet management reports and work schedules are available via the App at the touch of a button. The equipment also delivers optimum levels of output and performance with full water recycling capabilities and an extended run time of up to 5 hours – yes that’s 5 hours on the same tank of water and continuous run time independently.


There will be an official launch event in Dublin later in the year where we will invite you to come along to meet the team and to find out more about this exciting new business.


For more information on CEI and its latest offers and innovations please contact us on 01 920 3335 or visit