The results are in! The Emmaus Big Marathon Month has come to an end. But how did we do as a business?

In May, our team of twenty strong took on the arduous challenge of running a whopping combined distance of 1600 miles. That’s the distance between all Emmaus UK stores.

The distance is testament to their growth. This fantastic charity has grown massively since their inception, born out of the homelessness crisis in Paris after the destruction of WW2. In the UK they continue to provide live changing long-term support to those who have experienced homelessness, offering accommodation, training, and work opportunities.

Through ICE’s donations, we’re helping Emmaus support over 850 people and to achieve their aim in providing a home to 1,100 people by 2025.

How did we do?

We smashed our target, covering a total of 1774 miles! Not only that, we raised a massive £1,335 pounds out of our £1500 target – that’s 53 hot meals for Emmaus companions. It could pay for 133 homeless people’s travel fares to an Emmaus community.

A special thank you goes to Rareloop, whose incredibly generous donation is going a long way in helping our chosen charity! We’d like to thank you once again – we really appreciate your support.


Our top performers:

A huge well done to our top performers during Big Marathon Month. We are particularly proud of our top 3 runners:

  • Dawn Shaw, who achieved a massive 274 miles!
  • Amanda Buckingham, close behind at 221 miles.
  • Natalia Martinez, with an impressive 219 miles.


A massive well done to everyone involved!

Emmaus are always on the lookout for more donations. If you can spare anything, please donate through their website by clicking here.