ICE & Gausium Robotics exclusive partnership continues…


Based on the recent Taski & Gausium Robotics global partnership announcement, ICE are pleased to confirm that we remain the exclusive distribution partner of Gausium products in the UK.

Mark Bresnihan, MD of ICE said ‘We are delighted to continue our long-standing partnership with Gausium Robotics and look forward to working together on further opportunities including the upcoming Phantas launch and beyond.’

Yu Ping, Overseas Sales Manager at Gausium Robotics said ‘Working closely with ICE as our UK distribution and service partner is part of our long-term strategy. Their expertise and experience in the UK market is second to none and we share their passion for innovation.’

The ICE and Gausium partnership is stronger than ever and we’re looking forward to working together on the upcoming launch of the Phantas and future product developments.

For any UK Co-Botics requirements please contact ICE on the details below or on our contact form:

(T) 0800 389 3869