Following a longstanding nine-year relationship, event cleaning specialists, CleanEvent Services, have agreed terms to renew its vast cleaning equipment portfolio with a new state of the art fleet from ICE.

“Whilst we have a mature and solid working relationship with ICE, this year we took the opportunity to look at the marketplace and understand the options available to us as a growing and developing business. We felt it critical to understand for ourselves what’s new and developing in the cleaning equipment market in order to support our teams across our diverse client base throughout the UK. Following a lengthy and detailed process, ICE were selected to partner with us for a further 3 years” said Tomas Gronager, CEO at CleanEvent Services.

“This opportunity is really important for ICE, not just because we were keen to retain the relationship and account, that goes without saying, but because it gives us the opportunity to deploy some new and really exciting innovation in partnership with CleanEvent”, said Ricky Smith, Head of Sales at ICE.

This innovation comes in the form of our new telemetry & asset management system – ICE SMART Connect – which has been fitted to every new machine across the CleanEvent estate.

ICE SMART Connect is a telemetry and asset tracking system that monitors equipment utilisation, productivity and battery level. Trackers are fitted to the equipment and transmit key data to an online portal providing full visibility of assets and service history, enabling our customers to monitor equipment usage and schedule maintenance according to runtime hours.

It is also fully integrated with our operating system, meaning that sites can log a breakdown, request spare parts, use the ICE SMARTcall video call technical support service, view equipment training videos, or request a service visit simply by scanning the QR code on the machine.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to better support our locations and people, along with being able to manage our fleet more effectively, ICE SMART Connect is a must have for us and one of the fundamental reasons we decided to renew with ICE” – said Jay Adderley, Operations Director at CleanEvent Services.

“Offering brand new equipment across the estate, along with deploying the latest technology available was our pledge to CleanEvent when shaping our vision going forward, but most importantly giving transparent reporting along with tangible and clear KPI’s. Based on the nature of the CleanEvent business and the fast turnaround required in stadiums during events, the response and quality of service is critical to the operation and delivery of service to their high profile and prestigious client base. The agreed service package along with the ICE SMART Connect technology will allow ICE to deliver unsurpassed levels of preventive, proactive and responsive operational support to CleanEvent locations across the UK”, said George Hewitt, Account Manager at ICE.