Introducing another cutting-edge innovation from ICE…

ICE SMART Connect is our new telemetry and asset management system that monitors equipment utilisation, productivity, and battery level.

SMART trackers are fitted to cleaning equipment and transmit key data providing full visibility of assets and service history, enabling you to monitor equipment usage and schedule maintenance according to run-time hours.

It is also fully integrated with our operating system, meaning that you can log a breakdown, request spare parts, use the ICE SMARTcall video call technical support service, view equipment training videos, or request a service visit simply by scanning the QR code on the machine.

With our SMART QR codes, your operatives can use the ICE Smartcall video support service without needing to download and install an App. They can speak to an ICE engineer remotely, improving ESG and reducing your carbon footprint without compromising service.

With ICE SMART Connect you can manage your equipment fleet more effectively, see where your assets are in real-time, as well as monitor key performance metrics such as battery life and service status.

Detailed information is also available through the ICE SMART Connect App or desktop portal. You can see real-time asset utilisation, updates on machine repairs, location information, machine history, location changes, asset lists, and dashboards for quickly viewing the information that matters most to you.

Best of all, Smart Connect can be retro fitted to any make or model of machine – from cable vacuums to large street sweepers – giving end to end fleet management and visibility.

ICE SMART Connect technology will allow ICE to deliver unsurpassed levels of preventive, proactive and responsive operational support to customers across the UK.

To find out more about ICE SMART Connect, get in touch:

T: 0800 389 3869