ICE Ukraine Donation

With the growing crisis in Ukraine, we were keen to do everything we could for those involved. With the resources available, we had to play our part in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. In the early hours of the 24th of February, a Russian attack was launched on Ukraine and since many cities have been destroyed. Seeing this devastation meant we had no choice but to provide help in any way we could.

Ice Ukraine Donation

ICE Supports Ukraine

Through our connections with many sustainability projects throughout Southampton, we are proud to be on board with this latest mission. In the centre of Southampton, the abandoned Toys R Us store has been transformed into a donation centre for the Ukrainian crisis. Making use of this huge, empty space, it was quickly transformed into a sorting centre for the donations pouring in from across the country.

Much of this aid has been sent out to Ukraine with the hope that it will reach the war-torn city of Mariupol. We are proud to be part of this operation, supplying residents in Ukraine with the basic supplies they so desperately need. With devastation now sweeping the country, it is now more important than ever that we help those that need us. We will continue to do all that we can to help.

The Big Clean Up

In order for the abandoned Toys R Us store to be used safely, it had to be cleared and cleaned- that’s where we came in! Our expert ICE team entered the building on a mission to create a clear space, ideal for holding all the hundreds of donations. Using equipment from the ICE Rental range, we had industrial cleaning equipment already on hand to begin the big clean up. Once we gathered the equipment we needed, we got to work!

Using the ICE R Scrub 75 and an ICE R Sweep 60, we transformed this derelict building into one that was clean and free of any potential hazards. The scrub and the sweep machines were used to lift excess dirt and debris, leaving clean floors that looked considerably better than their original state. The lightweight, compact nature of our machines meant we were able to clean the surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Our ICE R Scrub 75 has a freshwater capacity of 110 litres, meaning it boasts an incredibly long running time. With a working width of 75cm, it is compact too, allowing it to get into hard to reach places with ease. Similarly, the ICE Scrub was used to lift dirt from the hard floor. This machine has been specially designed with the largest industrial and commercial properties in mind, clearing large surfaces quickly.

Ukraine donation centre

Clothes & Food Donations

As well as the equipment and labour supplied to transform the Toys R Us store, we also gave a sizeable donation to the appeal. As a collective, we donated a variety of clothes, food and toiletries to help those in crisis. At ICE, we will continue to help this cause in any way we can, providing that all important aid to those affected in the Ukraine war. We would also like to say a massive thank you to those who were involved in the clean up and donated.

Donations Ukraine Crisis

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