At ICE, we recognise that understanding and integrating Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) principles into our day-to-day operations is not just a choice, but a necessity. We are operating in an era where responsible business practices are paramount. Our commitments are broader than our pledge to be Net Carbon Zero by 2030. Our ESG strategy is completely focused on our ambition of being a responsible corporate entity and supporting our customers with their respective ESG targets.

We are committed to becoming the industry’s most sustainable equipment service provider, by sourcing responsibly, reducing waste, and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. This is evidenced by the Service Solutions that we offer, including our ICE Smartcall technical support service which supports our carbon reduction targets. ICE Smartcall enables onsite operatives to use video calling to connect directly to an ICE technician who can support with fixing simple equipment faults without the need to send an engineer.

In addition, our product range includes a host of cleaning equipment solutions with sustainability benefits, including:


ICE Aquasmart transforms ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone (o³), a safe but powerful cleaning and sanitising solution perfect for any cleaning application or sector. Aqueous Ozone is a fully sustainable, natural cleaner and sanitiser, and is completely harmless to humans and animals. It is more powerful than bleach and is effective against bacteria, molds, and viruses. Using a chemical free cleaning solution dramatically reduces chemical usage, single-use plastics, and the carbon footprint of delivery of products to site.


We offer a range of standard and autonomous scrubber dryers with built-in water recycling capabilities, resulting in water savings of up to 70%, plus enhanced productivity from reduced emptying and re-filling frequencies.


The ICE Urban Electric equipment range is our latest sustainable cleaning equipment innovation offering, demonstrating further commitment to both our customers and the environment. We are proud to offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. ICE Urban Electric equipment is a responsible choice and contributes to a cleaner, greener future.


As well as supporting our customers with a huge range of sustainable solutions, we are totally committed to reducing our own environmental impact through a range of initiatives. These include:


We have fully equipped workshops for recycling/refurbishing equipment. All parts, consumables, batteries, and chargers replaced on-site are returned to ICE. We currently recycle 100% batteries, 84% of returned parts and equipment, and 48% of parts and equipment are returned to the field.


We are constantly expanding our use of electric vehicles and these now account for over 20% of our fleet.


We have partnered with industry-recognised carbon reduction experts, Planet Mark, who are helping us to understand how we can improve our business operations to further reduce our carbon footprint, and we have a detailed strategy in place to be Net Zero by 2030.

The ICE team are committed to developing partnerships with our customers that provide access to the latest sustainable and innovative technology in the cleaning industry.