It is no secret that the facilities management/cleaning industry is predominately a man’s world. Over 62% of the sector are male and only 17% of women achieve board level and senior management appointments. Here at ICE, we pride ourselves in ensuring everyone has the same opportunities for development and progression in whatever area of the business they work in.

For the last year or so ICE have employed a female compliance engineer, Kaitlin Cook. Katlin has worked for ICE for just over nine months and works within a team of 4 male Compliance Engineers and is managed by a female Compliance Manager.

With less than a year within a traditionally male-dominated role, you wouldn’t be surprised if Kaitlin was still trying to find her feet, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. Kaitlin thrives off being in the minority and says that she “feels empowered by working in a male-dominated role”.

Given the nature of our business, the percentage of female field staff at ICE is 25% but this is something we are always looking to diversify. However even though as one of the only females in our operations team Kaitlin has only positive things to say about ICE and the team “While working for ICE I’ve always been treated as an equal. ICE has given me opportunities to progress in my role and I haven’t been held back but encouraged to progress in the role!”

“People are often surprised at my job but it’s something that I’m so proud of and will always encourage others to push themselves to try new things and something different as you never know how life is going to turn out.”

Looking towards the future Kaitlin was honest yet optimistic; “I don’t know what my future holds I never thought I’d be in the role I’m in now – which can be challenging at times as a young female, but I enjoy every second and I’m looking forward to achieving more within the company.”

Our Compliance Manager Juliane Crittenden had the following to say about Kaitlin; “Kaitlin is an empowering young woman perusing a career in engineering. Her diligent work in compliance is leaving a trail of positive feedback from customers, who are excited to see a female in the role while paving the way for more women in the industry.”

Knowing that as a company we have employees who at such a young age are thriving off working in such a fast-paced and varied business, especially within the current climate working in the frontline it makes us proud of who we are, what we do and every member of Team ICE.

With the rate of growth ICE is at currently we are constantly looking to build and diversify our team. Why not take Kaitlin’s advice and try something a little out of your comfort zone – contact us at to find out more about career opportunities at ICE.