M&S has re-signed a significant five-year agreement with ICE, in a deal which covers a brand-new equipment and associated services across their entire store and Distribution Centre network in the UK and Ireland.

Innovation and Sustainability at the Forefront

“We’ve collaborated with ICE for nearly a decade on crucial areas like innovation and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives,” said Mark Meadows, Head of Store Operations Support at M&S. “We’re thrilled to launch such a forward-thinking solution and appreciate working with such an innovative supplier like ICE to bring these plans to life.”

SMART Cleaning, Sustainable Future

All equipment will be equipped with ICE’s cutting-edge fleet management system, SMART Connect. Larger machines will boast built-in water recycling systems, allowing for a full shift of cleaning without refilling tanks. This maximises productivity and reduces water consumption. Additionally, key machines like scrubbers and sweepers will leverage the latest battery technology for extended operation times and emission-free cleaning.

This aligns perfectly with ICE’s upcoming “DARE TO INNOVATE” campaign launching this summer. This new offer highlights major technology advancements in Data, Automation, water Recycling, and Electrifying cleaning equipment solutions.

A Long-Standing Partnership

“In 2016 M&S placed significant trust in ICE to deliver a comprehensive and up to date cleaning solution, underpinned by a service offering that would deliver the business needs and that of the associated labour service providers at the time. We are grateful and excited that we now commence the third renewal phase within our long standing tenure, demonstrating a true partnership based on integrity, delivery and continual evolution” says ICE’s CEO, Mark Bresnihan.