We are absolutely thrilled to have won an award at the first ever Robotics and Automation Awards! In partnership with Purgo, we were presented with the award in the ‘Best use of Robotics in Cleaning’ category, and this highlights the success of our long-standing collaboration.

A partnership approach

As pioneers of automated cleaning, this award is testament to ICE’s long-standing commitment to educating the market on the benefits of integrating robotics into cleaning services. Purgo has been with us on this journey and really sees the value that using robotic floor cleaning equipment alongside their cleaning teams can bring.

This dynamic partnership has not only enhanced cleaning standards but also provided data to improve visibility across multiple sites. ICE’s Co-Botics range includes autonomous vacuums, scrubber dryers, and sweepers designed to seamlessly integrate with cleaning teams. By relieving human operatives of routine tasks, these machines free up valuable time and resources to focus on more intricate and crucial cleaning activities. This collaborative approach not only boosts productivity but also raises the bar for cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Overcoming cleaning industry challenges

The cleaning industry faces unique challenges, and ICE’s innovation-driven approach has addressed these head-on. With a global shortage of cleaning staff, particularly in sectors like healthcare & education, our automated cleaning solutions have emerged as a lifeline. Hospitals and schools are increasingly turning to autonomous machines to perform labour-intensive yet essential cleaning tasks, thereby allowing human staff to concentrate on hygiene and higher-level cleaning.

Sustainable cleaning

Moreover, ICE’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident through the adoption of automation. By transitioning from traditional manual cleaning methods to autonomous equipment, not only is up to 1,628 hours of cleaning time saved annually, but also up to 139,412 litres of water are conserved compared to conventional scrubber dryers. This remarkable water conservation is equivalent to almost 1,000 baths, highlighting the huge impact of these machines on resource management.

As the boundaries of what is possible continue to expand, ICE and Purgo have proven that collaboration between humans and machines is not a future vision but a present-day reality, setting a new standard for the best use of robotics and automation in cleaning.