Sustainable Cleaning

ICE are market leaders in sustainable cleaning solutions. We are constantly striving to make our equipment greener and more economical. We have put several measures in place to ensure we source our products responsibly and majorly reduce the amount of waste we produce. From carbon offsetting to water recycling, our team are constantly exploring new product innovations to make our business more sustainable.

Our chemical-free options are non-toxic to help reduce harmful waste and water usage. We understand more than ever the importance of environmentally friendly designs; that’s why we invest in long term solutions and technologies that means our equipment will perform well for years. ICE continually gather our carbon footprint data to see how we can effectively reduce and offset it. That way, our team can bring sustainable innovations to our customers.

Carbon Offsetting

We continually monitor our carbon footprint data to ensure we find ways to reduce and offset it. Our total footprint is currently 1,755.19 tCO2e per year which we have been offsetting through our tree planting and clean water programmes. These projects span across the globe, and we hope to expand these ventures in the upcoming months. We have even taken part in solar panel projects to investigate more renewable energy methods.

Our global missions started with a pledge to reduce our carbon dioxide usage. Finding sustainable cleaning methods is one of our main aims as we try to seek equipment that can be recycled or reused. We can offer our customers some of the most modern product innovations to reduce unnecessary travel and fuel consumption. The majority of our sustainable cleaning equipment uses combinations of water and steam rather than harsh chemicals.

Equipment Recycling

We provide our customers with sustainable machinery solutions and technology that is made from fully recyclable parts. At every part of the production and supply chain, we assess our products to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible. ICE provides our customers with a like for like replacement service within 24 hours, which means if you ever have an issue with our parts, we can replace them for you quickly and efficiently.

Currently, all parts, consumables, batteries and chargers can be replaced on-site and returned to ICE. At our premises, we recycle 100% of batteries and 84% of returned parts and equipment. 48% of our equipment is then returned to the field. At every stage, we endeavour to make the most responsible and economic choices. We try to dramatically reduce the amount of waste we produce by making sure most of our parts are completely recyclable.

Water Recycling

ICE is consistently making changes to guarantee we cut down on our water consumption. Water waste is currently a huge issue, so we continually review our sustainable cleaning products to ensure we reduce this as much as possible. Thanks to our innovative technology, we have been able to find ways to recycle water so that it can be used again to clean hard surfaces. The recycled water will provide just as effective clean as freshwater.

Our ICE machines have built-in recycling parts where water can be filtered and used again even while they are still in use. This allows for the most effective clean where you aren’t stopping to wait for tanks to be refilled or water to be purified. As a result, the water recycling process is able to happen as you move. With our sustainable cleaning equipment, you could save up to 1,000 litres a day. Already available across most of our ranges, water recycling is the next step in greener cleaning.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Our ICE AquaSmart units reduce chemical usage dramatically. These wall mounted units also help you cut down on the consumption of single-use plastics and your overall environmental impact. It is a natural sanitiser that is non-toxic yet far more powerful than liquids like bleach. The liquid sanitiser is effective against bacteria, moulds and viruses.

It is completely safe for your staff to use daily and no additional COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health) training is required to use it. This makes it a much better option than those containing harmful chemicals. Choose our market-leading products to introduce sustainable cleaning to your customers. By installing one of our ICE AquaSmart units, you are automatically reducing your chemical usage.

Videocall Diagnostics

Last year we conducted over 10,000 appointments over ICE Smartcall. Not only did this reduce our energy consumption but also our customers valuable time and money. We are also trialling our ICE Smartglasses to create a VR experience for our cleaning operatives and engineers. This will help to reduce the need for physical manuals and hand-held devices.

Sustainable Cleaning Prices

Purchase our sustainable cleaning equipment from ICE today with our secure checkout. Our products could help you dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and water consumption.

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