As Purgo Supply Services exclusive robotic floor cleaning machines supplier, ICE has worked in partnership with them to install autonomous scrubber dryers and vacuums across the education sector. Purgo is one of the biggest investors in ICE Co-Botics autonomous cleaning equipment and have over 65 machines cleaning the floors of 50 schools. This dynamic partnership has not only elevated cleaning standards, but also provided tangible data to enhance client visibility across multiple sites.

Beverly Dickson, Contracts Manager at Purgo speaks highly of the autonomous cleaning equipment. She said, “I feel it reduces stress on the operative’s physical well-being, the repetitive time-consuming tasks. This helps us maintain the high standards of service we provide to our clients. Also, the ICE installation team were very personable, knowledgeable & professional.”

And feedback from the schools has also been overwhelmingly positive. One site said, “We thought our hall floors were spotless as the water is never dirty. I was shocked at how black the water was, the floor has never looked so bright and clean!”

Not only do these robotic cleaning machines enhance cleaning standards, they also have a range of environmental and sustainability benefits. Using autonomous machines gives water savings of approximately 109,200 litres per year vs traditional cleaning machines, and energy savings of 458.64 kW per year.

Purgo’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at robotics. They are also pioneering the introduction of ICE AquaSmart, our chemical free cleaning solution in a move to further promote sustainable cleaning in the education sector.

ICE and Purgo have been working in partnership for over 5 years, and this is only set to grow. Alex Diaz, CEO & Founder of Purgo said, “The growth of Purgo has meant that I have challenged ICE on a number of occasions both operationally and technically. I have to say that each time they step up and go that extra mile. I really cannot speak highly enough of ICE.”

And Mark Bresnihan, Managing Director at ICE said, “Our partnership is a longstanding one spanning many years and the introduction of autonomous machines and technology has further strengthened and added huge benefits to the Purgo offer and service to customers. I believe we have a true and strong collaboration and association with Purgo which is set to continue for many years to come,”

We can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us. Here’s to creating a cleaner, safer, and greener future!