With a capacity crowd set to return to for Sunday’s Premier League season opener against Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has become the first in the world to utilise a new revolutionary robotic cleaning technology to help keep supporters safe.

The Club has introduced a fleet of Eco Bot 75’s, from ICE Co-Botics, to clean and disinfect large areas of the stadium, whilst valuable labour resources continue to focus on sanitising and deep cleaning – something that is now more important than ever as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the Eco Bot 75 is environmentally friendly and is designed to operate continuously for six hours on a single power charge. The revolutionary robot has a state-of-the-art four stage filtering system that ensures 70% of its water usage is filtered and recycled without affecting the standard of clean. To date, by using the Eco Bot 75’s, the Club has saved over 1,300 litres of water.

Tottenham Hotspur was recently announced as the Premier League’s greenest club, following a study carried out by the UN-backed Sport Positive Summit and BBC Sport, having implemented a range of sustainable measures across its stadium and Training Centre.

Paul May, Head of Stadium Operations, Tottenham Hotspur, said: “We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our cleaning standards – with a large team working around the clock to ensure our 62,850-seater stadium is ready for the safe return of fans. Co-Botics allow us to enhance our staff performances, making the cleaning operation even more thorough and covering vaster areas in a shorter amount of time. As matches and events return to our stadium, it has never been more important to ensure we have a clean and safe environment for our fans.”

Darren Marston, Chairman of ICE said “We are delighted that Tottenham Hotspur share our long-standing belief and have the vision to invest in a meaningful fleet. The demand for Co-Botics is really gathering pace and we have a strong order book fueled by the heightened priorities for infection control at an appropriate distance. Tottenham Hotspur are certainly on the front of the curve, demonstrated by integrating these machines into the daily cleaning operations of such an iconic stadium.”

To find out more about how Tottenham Hotspur have worked with ICE to incorporate Co-Botics into their cleaning operations watch video below.

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