We’re Celebrating 2 Years Of Co-Botics!

It has been two years since we launched our innovative Co-Botics range! Helping to improve the productivity of businesses across the country, our Co-Botics are designed to work with your employees rather than replace them. Automated cleaning is the future, and we are proud to be able to offer such a vast range of quality equipment in this category. Take a look at our machines online.

To make cleaning in your business faster and more efficient, consider choosing one of our ICE Co-Botics. They will instantly help to improve the overall hygiene of your space, making it safe and hazard-free for your customers. We are committed to quality, and our Co-Botics range is no exception to this. These machines are a result of understanding market challenges and how we overcome them.

Our Co-Botic machines have continued to soar in popularity since their launch two years ago. With autonomous cleaning becoming the favoured option for many businesses, it is no surprise this range has grown with the continued demand. Fitted with the latest technology, these machines are able to navigate around obstacles with ease so that they can get on with the job with very little intervention.

automated cleaning machine


Safe and reliable, our ICE Co-Botic is an efficient way of cleaning a space. It is incredibly intuitive too, as the machines are fitted with a camera and sensor technology, making it easy for them to map a space. They can be fully operated and controlled by the team on-site, and to do so is straightforward too! Accessible to everyone, our Co-Botics machines are designed to make the lives of your workforce easier.

Simple to use and providing a powerful clean, these machines make the perfect upgrade for any business. Incorporate our equipment into your existing cleaning regime to make sure operations are efficient and run as smoothly as possible. Designed to pick up those manual and repetitive tasks, our equipment will save you and your team considerable amounts of time.

Easy To Control

The beauty of autonomous cleaning is that it allows for collaborative working. Combining the power of your workforce with the power of our machines, there isn’t a more effective way of cleaning your workspace. Their running time is incredibly long too, as the range comes with a stage 4 water filtration built within it. Our Co-Botic machines recycle water during operation, making them a sustainable option.

Reduce your overall water consumption with our innovative Co-Botic machines. Using the latest developments in technology, one tank of water is guaranteed to last the duration of the clean. As a result, you won’t have to spend time emptying and refilling the tank, which would result in major water waste. Make a sustainable change in your business by switching to our modern equipment.

Floor Mapping

The super fast mapping feature in our Co-Botics range means a 3D map can be produced in under an hour. This innovative feature can be done through the teach and flow method or by using the Auto Map function. As a result, this makes it extremely easy for our modern machines to navigate your space, avoiding any obstacles or hazards. Create a safe workplace by switching to our products.

Improve the productivity of your workforce, our range of machines are efficient on water usage, allowing them to have a long running time. With a built in function allowing you to schedule a cleaning time, the operator is fully in control of the machine. As well as this, a real time telemetry report will provide the user with data on the water usage, run time and battery level.

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Why Choose ICE?

Choose ICE machines to upgrade your current cleaning regime. Made with the latest technology in mind, our Co-Botics machines will reduce the time your workforce has to spend on cleaning. With years of industry experience, we supply quality equipment to businesses across the country. Take a look at our huge variety of cleaning machines and what they can do for you.

Co-Botic Prices

Invest in an ICE Co-Botic machine to enhance the cleaning power of your business today! All our machines are available to hire or purchase online.

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