Introducing the hand-held ICE Aquasmart Unit – JUST ADD WATER!

Chemical-free cleaning in the palm of your hand. The patented Diamond-technology in the ICE Aquasmart Nano produces aqueous ozone which is one of natures strongest cleaning agents.

Aqueous ozone is a natural cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser and is more powerful than bleach but completely safe to use on all surfaces. It is EPA and GRAS approved.

Using the Nano means that you don’t need all of the manufactured cleaning agents which fill up your cleaning cupboard and cost you a lot of money.

Using the Nano means that you are helping the planet by reducing single-use plastics, waste-to-landfill, delivery journeys and CO2 emissions.

Technical Information

Capacity 400 ml
Charge time 1 hour
Run time 2 hours

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AquaSmart Mini o3

The AquaSmart Mini produces up to 2 litres of aqueous ozone per minute and is suitable for use in hospitality, retail and office areas.

AquaSmart Max o3

The AquaSmart Max produces up to 11 litres of aqueous ozone per minute and is ideal for larger buildings in the healthcare, education and leisure sectors.