The ICE Multiwash Pro machine will wash, scrub and dry in just one single pass. Giving excellent cleaning results floors will be left clean and dry and ready for use.

This machine is ideal on all floors from carpets to hard floors, escalators to entrance matting.

Optional brushes for carpets, hard floors, escalators and colour coded brushes to prevent cross contamination.

Technical Information

Cable length 12 m
Dimensions (LxWxH) 39 x 45 x 111 cm
Dirty water capacity 4 ltr
Fresh water capacity 4 ltr
Noise level 69 dBA
Power 230 V
Suction width 44 cm
Weight 27 kg
Working width 34 cm

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ICE Multiwash

The ICE Multiwash is highly effective on industrial & commercial floors, including non-slip safety floors, escalators/travelators, low pile carpets & entrance matting.

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