With the ICE Urban 2260, all your outdoor sweeping, ground care and winter service jobs are made easy.

The ICE Urban 2260 is versatile, but it is also specialised to suit daily tasks. With the wide range of attachments available, you have a machine that performs every task perfectly without compromise in quality, speed or final result.

The sturdy A-frame on the vehicle allows the operator to change attachments without tools. All mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected by simply turning one handle – and the machine is ready to set off. No time wasted in the workshop – it couldn’t be easier.

This machine allows you to take good care of both your outdoor spaces and the people tasked with actually doing the work. The ICE Urban 2260 is petrol powered meaning that you will also be able to meet demands for NOx reductions within cities.

The ICE Urban 2260 is a complete suction sweeper unit offering professional performance, flexibility and accessibility to narrow spaces in all tasks.

Technical Information

Charge time Unlimited
Dimensions (LxWxH) 240 x 107 x 196 cm
Hopper capacity 500 ltr
Max speed 20 km/h
Noise level 78 dBA
Petrol/Diesel motor Petrol
Power 27 kw
Power type Petrol
Productivity 970 kg
Run time Unlimited
Weight 970 kg
Working width 120 cm

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