The WILLMOP 35 is not just another floor scrubber dryer; it’s a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to tackle the challenges of maintaining cleanliness in tight spaces. Its compact vertical design allows for unparalleled manoeuvrability, making it the perfect solution for areas that traditional scrubber dryers can’t reach. Whether it’s navigating between tables in a busy restaurant, cleaning narrow aisles in retail settings, or maintaining hygiene in healthcare facilities, the WILLMOP 35 excels in delivering top-notch cleanliness.


The WILLMOP 35 gets the job done quickly without compromising on quality. Designed with the user in mind, it combines simplicity and ergonomic features to enhance the cleaning experience. The remarkable scrubbing and drying performances not only ensure a thorough clean but also make the task more enjoyable. With the WILLMOP 35, cleaning professionals can look forward to a more efficient workflow, making their day easier and more productive.


The versatility of the WILLMOP 35 makes it suitable for a wide range of environments. From hospitality and retail to healthcare and education, its ability to provide quick, efficient, and effective cleaning is invaluable. Businesses can benefit from reduced cleaning times, lower labour costs, and improved overall cleanliness, contributing to a healthier and more appealing environment for employees and customers alike.

Moreover, the ergonomic design minimises the risk of strain or injury to the operator, promoting a safer workplace. The ease of use and maintenance also means that staff can operate the WILLMOP 35 with minimal training, ensuring that it can be quickly integrated into existing cleaning routines.

The WILLMOP 35 floor scrubber dryer stands out as a game-changer in the field of professional cleaning. Its compact design, combined with powerful cleaning capabilities, makes it an essential tool for businesses looking to maintain pristine conditions in challenging spaces. Explore the full range of our innovative scrubber dryers and find the perfect match for your cleaning needs.

Technical Information

Brush pressure 18 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 49 x 46.5 x 119 cm
Power 450 W
Productivity 1,400 m²/h
Weight 26 kg
Working width 38 cm

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