ICE Smartcall

ICE Smartcall is the fast cost effective solution to all your cleaning equipment questions. The system is a new and innovative way for operators and customers to save time and money. ICE Smartcall works by connecting you with one of our qualified professionals, who can then go on to assist you with any queries you may have. Use Smartcall via the ICE app.

This live video support ICE Smartcall is the next best alternative to speaking to one of our engineers face to face. Forget about lengthy emails or long waiting times and speak to one of our team almost immediately through this great piece of software. Solve even the simplest of dilemmas in minutes by talking directly to one of our dedicated team.

Benefits of Using ICE Smartcall

ICE prides itself on great customer service and care. We wanted to extend that even further to make the whole experience of renting or buying our cleaning equipment even easier. This fast live video support call is a great alternative to writing an email or being put through to a tiresome customer service line. As soon as any problems arise with our equipment, use our ICE Smartcall system to sort your issue as soon as possible.

Save yourself much needed money and time with our easy to navigate Smartcall feature. We want our customers to have complete peace of mind when investing in our products; that’s why we make the whole process as user friendly and hassle free as possible. To use our ICE Smartcall video diagnostics solution, simply provide one of our administrators with your logging information, such as your site name and machine serial number, and one of our engineers will get back to you.

We aim to resolve any issues found with our equipment through our ICE Smartcall. However, if the machine cannot be fixed and we can’t find a solution to your problem, your machine can be exchanged for a new one. Our training and equipment support is like no other, and we guide our customers through every step, from ordering to delivery. You can have complete trust in us to provide you with the best operation and maintenance of your cleaning equipment.

Years Of Experience

At ICE, we have been selling and servicing equipment nationwide for decades. We developed our ICE Smartcall feature in an effort to make our service faster and more user friendly. So far, we have completed over 600 jobs via Smart call, the equivalent to sending seven individual engineers out each month. This is a massive achievement and a move towards being more economical and flexible. Through this technology, we are able to fix equipment without the need for a physical visit.

Working remotely is now more popular than ever. People look for convenience and want their major issues to be sorted immediately. Our ICE Smartcall technical function helps connect you to an experienced engineer in one of our offices. They can then accurately diagnose equipment faults and help you fix simple issues with speed. We directly employ 40 highly skilled engineers across the UK who are always on hand to sort any problem.

We use our resources to be as flexible as possible. At ICE, we have invested in the very latest product innovations to become the largest supplier of cleaning equipment in the UK. We use sustainable and cost effective techniques to constantly evolve our business. However, we stay true to our core principles surrounding customer satisfaction and service performance. Over the last 12 months, we retained 100% of our existing customers, a great indicator that our products and service are unmatched.

Extra Training

The ICE Smartcall feature can be found in the ICE app. The app is the best way to receive comprehensive, detailed training videos on all our products. Experience the expertise of onsite operatives and engineers in the palm of your hand. The app will provide you with all the product information you need to use your cleaning equipment safely.

Download the ICE app today and use the ICE Smartcall feature whenever you need. The app is completely free and can be downloaded on any IOS or Android device. It’s never been easier to talk to one of our team. Benefit from our high value service and support with the touch of a button. 93% of our customers agree and are happy with our engineering service.

ICE Smartcall

Contact one of our friendly team today via our online contact form and find out more about our Smartcall feature. We are also on hand to give you more information regarding our cleaning equipment.

You can call us on 0800 389 3869 to receive a free, accurate quote over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!