The ICE Scrub 35 D is a compact sized scrubbing machine, which can clean in corners and along walls with extreme ease. This battery powered machine is cable free for the best manoeuvrability in small and congested areas. It comes with a built in battery charger and gel batteries as standard. The ICE Scrub 35 D is ideal for small congested areas, and is a great alternative to manual cleaning systems such as the mop and bucket. You also cover more ground with an ICE Scrub 35 D, due to its wider scrubbing path. This means you can successfully clean the floor with fewer passes. This will save money on labour and make the cleaning process much shorter. The ICE Scrub 35 D costs very little to run and leads to improved employee productivity. They are easy to use and can do a more efficient job than other scrubbing machines found on the market.

Technical Information

Dimensions (LxWxH) 68 x 102 x 44 cm
Dirty water capacity 10 ltr
Fresh water capacity 10 ltr
Power 12 V
Productivity 1,000 m²/h
Suction width 45 cm
Weight 67 kg
Working width 35 cm

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