ICE Urban

ICE Urban
The ICE Urban Range has been introduced to support our growing client base in delivering high quality and sustainable cleaning solutions. The advanced range is perfect for sweeping town centres, streets, paths and car parks. It is very easy to manoeuvre, meaning that the operator can easily sweep around any obstacles.

ICE Urban 1250 Eco

ICE Urban 1250 Eco

Cleaning Width 125 cm
Run Time 8hrs

ICE Urban 1400 Eco

ICE Urban 1400 Eco

Cleaning Width 140 cm
Run Time 8 - 10hrs

ICE Urban 2150

ICE Urban 2150

ICE Urban 2260 2B

ICE Urban 2260 2B

Cleaning Width 120 cm
Cleaning Efficiency Up to 12,000 m2/hr
Noise Level 78 dBA

ICE Urban 3070

ICE Urban 3070

Cleaning Width 143 cm
Run Time Unlimited
Charge Time Unlimited
Noise Level 76 dba


Pedestrian areas with high traffic, like pavements, parking facilities and streets, must always be clean. The ICE Urban range of sweepers offer long lasing, effective and all season results. Ridding the roads and pavements of dust and debris can decrease the amount of road accidents that happen.


When sweepers in the ICE Urban range finish their job, they leave pedestrian and urban areas impeccably clean. In spring, the operator can clean gravel and dirt left and in autumn they can pick up the fallen leaves.


High manoeuvrability and compact dimensions allow the operator to sweep easily around corners and fit down narrow alleyways and. ICE Urban machines simplify maintenance, making the operation professional, flexible and accessibility.

Yes! Purchasing or hiring a sweeper from ICE for use on your commercial premises has many benefits. Not only will it keep the area looking neat and clean, but it will also make it a safer and more efficient environment. It will help minimise accidents happening and help employees feel safer in their surroundings.

Our ICE Urban range of machinery can be customised with an array of optional attachments. From Snow Ploughs and snow brooms to mowers and trailers the ICE Urban machines are extremely versatile. These quick change attachments ensure minimal downtime and can be swapped out with the need for an ICE engineering.

Deep clean roads, streets and industrial sites with a large selection of attachments that come with our models. This includes high pressure cleaner attachments. High pressure cleaner attachments are offered as an optional upgrade on certain models in our ICE Urban range. To find out more about this option, and other accessories we offer, get in touch with ICE today.

Which ICE Urban is Right for Me?

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Clean Residential Areas with ICE Urban

The cleanliness of a residential area can set the tone of a neighbourhood and control the kerb appeal of properties. A well kept environment will make potential residents comfortable and visitors happier to stay. For homeowners in the area, a neat and maintained environment can make them feel secure and improve the general quality of life.


From waste and dirt suction to removal, from washing streets to cleaning alleyways, the ICE urban range of sweepers can ensure roads and pavements stay looking better for longer. They will not help maintain the cleanliness of a residential area but assist in maintaining public safety.


The removal of litter and debris along residential areas helps to reduce the likelihood of pest infections. The regular sweeping of streets helps reduce dust collections and control its distribution into the atmosphere. This will improve the respiratory health of habitants and benefit the lives of allergy sufferers.


Using our ICE Urban equipment removes contaminants that would otherwise wash into and pollute nearby water sources. Clogged or backed up storm drains can easily get filled with dirt, sand, rocks and general debris. This can lead to localised flooding but removing this waste from streets and pavements will help keep them out the stormwater drainage system.

Hire or Purchase from the ICE Urban Range

The ICE Urban range offers effective and high performance levels in a compact range of sizes. With advanced technology and a high manoeuvrability, our machines stand out for their versatility. They can be used all year long for different urban cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Our range of products has been designed with great care. They combine appealing and clean aesthetics with high end functionality. This ensures that all our customers are receiving the best products in the industry from the best brands on the market.



The cleaning machines in our ICE Urban range come with accessory options and attachments. This means they can be used all round, on a variety of surfaces and can reach those hard to access areas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about out range of urban sweepers or to get a quote.