Steam Cleaners
Industrial Steam Cleaner: ICE Steam 4.5

The ICE Steam 4.5 is a commercial & industrial 4.5 bar pressure steam cleaning machine. For more information about ICE Steam 4.5 please contact us.

Robotic Vacuum
Mini Bot I

The IRIS is a charging station that holds 8 Mini Bots for easy transportation and distribution. The IRIS is a…

Robotic Combination Machine

The Phantas is a small machine with a 30 cm cleaning width that literally cleans right up to edges and corners,…

Ride-on Sweeper: ICE R Sweep 60 B

The ICE R Sweep 60 B is a ride on sweeping machine suitable for both indoor & outdoor spaces. Popular in industrial & commercial sectors.

Road Sweepers
Road Sweeper: ICE Urban 3070

The ICE Urban 3070 road sweeper prioritises operator comfort and ease of use. Its powerful 70 HP engine, 1m³ tank…

Robotic Sweeper
Robot Sweeper: Eco Sweep 111

The Eco Sweep 111 is a autonomous heavy duty sweeper, ideal for both internal and external environments.

Robotic Vacuum
Robot Vacuum Mop: Mini Bot III

This isn’t just another robotic vacuum mop; it’s a comprehensive cleaning companion designed to make your life easier, cleaner, and…

Robotic Vacuum
Robot Vacuum: Mini Bot II

The Mini Bot II is a robot vacuum cleaner with an auto-empty and charge docking station. This unit vacuums for…

Sweeping Machine: ICE Sweep 50 B

The ICE Sweep 50 B sweeping machine represents an advancement in the field of cleaning technology. Offering a compact yet…

Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers
Willmop 35

The WILLMOP 35 is not just another floor scrubber dryer; it’s a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to tackle the…

Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers
Willmop 50

Designed with the end-user in mind, this innovative floor cleaning machine offers unparalleled flexibility in cleaning, making it an ideal…